Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ugo Capeto - Xavi

Track made in FL Studio 9 to celebrate the greatness of Xavi, the Spanish midfielder. The tune starts slow - full notes - but it picks up the pace rather quickly - sixteenth notes. Kinda symbolizes the acceleration power of the "little" man from Barcelona.

The virtual instruments used are:
- sineweepy (SimSynth preset),
- Guitar (SimSynth preset),
- BellsHigh (SimSynth preset),
- FPC (drum pad),
- Bassphat (Wasp preset),
- Harmonics (Fruity DX10 preset), and
- Vsynth1 (Wasp preset).

Yeah, I may have modified some of those presets to suit my tastes but to be honest, it's a real good thing VSTs come with presets, and the more, the better.

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