Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FL Studio Tutorial: Channels and Mixer Tracks

Let's say you have a bunch of channels, each with its own instrument, and now you want to apply some effects to one or more of the channels (but not to the whole thing) and you are not too familiar with FL Studio. So, you go into the mixer and there you see, with horror, that all your channels (or, at least, most of them) are actually in the master mixer track. Well, it's because, when you add a channel, the mixer track the channel is assigned to is always the master mixer track by default.

To change that and assign a mixer track to a channel, you need to go into channel settings (just left click on the channel of interest) and select a mixer track. You actually do that by changing the value in the FX box (upper right). By default, when you add a channel, it's "--", which means master mixer track. Once you've done that and go to the mixer, you'll see that your channel has now its own mixer track and you'll be able to apply effects (up to 8) to that channel/track.

The video below kinda explains that.

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