Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ugo Capeto - Paris

This song was made with FL Studio 9 (and gently revised in FL Studio 10). I guess it's customary (at least, for me) to list the VST instrument plugins so, here we go:

- SampleTank Full Orchestra 1,
- SampleTank Beyond Voyage,
- SampleTank Soprano Ahh,
- SampleTankStudio Natural (drums),
- SampleTank Violin 2 LP,
- SampleTank Flute 1 LP,
- SymSynth's BellsHigh,
- BooBass, and
- Slayer (electric guitar and amp).

In terms of effects, can't say I've used much here. There's just "Fruity Reeverb 2" on the Full Orchestra and on Slayer, the electric guitar, which shows up near the end for the (epic) guitar solo. Might have gone overboard with the soprano ahh's as I don't think a real soprano would be able to sing the longer phrases without taking a breather. The drumming is a bit repetitive and quite dumb but that's by design ... of course.

The tune starts relatively slow, gets slower, picks up with an electric guitar solo and then ... ends. The BPM is 60 and the scale I've used is G major. Hope you like it!

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