Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ugo Capeto - Sensorium

Made this tune in FL Studio.

VST instruments plugins used:
- Autogun "Donatello",
- SampleTank Full Orchestra 1,
- Wasp Bassshort2,
- SampleTank HQ Free Piano mkII,
- SampleTank Studio Natural (drum kit),
- Slayer (electric guitar), and
- tb_peach "blaster" (nintendo nes).

Autogun is a VST plugin that is all presets (and there are a lot of them, I mean, like billions according to the verbose about it). It's definitely nice but it's quite the memory hog and you kinda have to cycle through a ton of them to find one you like. It's what starts the tune. Then, the full orchestra comes in and then the bass, which is pretty aggressive. Peach is a VST plugin that kinda recreates the sounds of the Nintendo NES, 8-bit console of yesteryear.

The scale is A major. The BPM is officially 128 but it's more like 128/2=64.

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