Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ugo Capeto's Ear Training Scale Note

"Ugo Capeto's Ear Training Scale Note" is a little java program I made to train your ear to recognize a mystery note among the notes of a given scale.

After you have chosen the type of scale (major or minor) and the scale tonic (A, B flat or A sharp, B, C, C sharp or D flat, D, E flat or D sharp, E, F, F sharp or G flat, G, A flat or G sharp), it's time to hit "play". The program then plays (as many times as you want - just keep hitting "play") the 7+1 notes of the scale (degree 8 is the tonic one octave higher) in order and adds at the end a mystery note which can be any of those 7+1 notes. Once you think you have identified the mystery note, click on the degree you think the mystery note corresponds to and the program will tell you if it's correct or incorrect.

This is a java program, meaning it can run on any machine that supports java (pc, mac, linux, etc) as long as java, or more exactly the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), is already installed. Don't worry as it is quite easy to install if you don't have it (go to and follow the directions).

If this ear training tool seems like a good idea, visit Ear Training Scale Note on SourceForge, download the rar archive, extract it and double click the java jar file.

This program makes use of jMusic, a library of compositional and audio processing tools.

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