Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Wharfinger (melodic electronica)

When I started working on this tune, I kinda wanted to do something real light and simple with just a grand piano. But, for some reasons, I get much more inspiration using an electric guitar so a compromise had to be made. The beginning is just an acoustic guitar, then the electric guitar comes in as the lead, and then you have a second (distorted) electric guitar along with the piano. It of course evolves after that but that's basically how it get started. The tune is in C major.

And the VSTs are:
- SampleTank Clean LP 1 (electric guitar)
- SampleTank Fingered 2 (acoustic guitar)
- SampleTank Ambient-Dub 2 t120 bpm (loops)
- SampleTank HQ Free Piano mkII
- SampleTank Studio Natural (drum kit)
- SampleTank Heavy Metal (electric guitar)

Wow! All the channels are SampleTank. Best part is that it's the free version. About the name of the song, well, a wharfinger is the keeper or owner of a wharf (dock).

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