Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Crushed (melodic electronica)

For this tune, I really wanted to use a bitcrusher FX plugin for that sweet chiptune feel here and there.

In order to respect my full disclosure policy, here are the VST plugins that were used for the making of that tune:

- Fruity DX-10 (E. Bass)
- Fruity DX-10 (Fuzzy E. Piano) + Bitcrusher
- Fruity DX-10 (Tinkle)
- Fruity DX-10 (eThing)
- Sim Synth (Breathy Sorta Bass Thing)
- SampleTank (Heavy Metal) + Fruity Reeverb
- SampleTank (Studio Natural)
- SampleTank (921 Saw on L Square on R)
- SampleTank (HQ Free Piano mkII)
- SampleTank (In Carz)
- SampleTank (Autumn Chimes)

Tune is in D major. BPM is 130 (or 65, if you prefer). Hope you like it.

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