Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Mood (melodic electronica)

Unlike most of my tunes which take about two weeks or more to complete, this one was done over the week-end with longer sessions. Just like a painter that draws a sketch to capture the moment, I started this tune with the idea of not overworking anything, especially on the melody front.

Most of the track was done putting down the rhythm first with some percussion and a bass line; then the melodies were added as best as possible and without getting caught too deep in the process. I've got to admit that I am not the most proficient at laying down a drum track, but this time, I kinda made an effort.

I didn't really start with a key in mind, just laying down notes that sounded about right. After a while, I settled on B major because I kinda hate chaos.

I have re-opened the Ugo Capeto Music facebook page, so feel free to visit and like.

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