Friday, July 9, 2010

An indie band I like: Trestles

Trestles is a band based in the Los Angeles area. Found them on Reverbnation after they had become fan of ... well, myself. Being the curious type and because they were so nice to me, I did check them out and, to my surprise, have found quite a few similarities between their music and mine, in particular, the mix of downbeat, ambient (I am not gonna say "new age") tracks and more upbeat, faster (almost dance ready) tracks. Hope they don't mind the comparison though - head scratching.

It's always hard to describe somebody's music. Is it even necessary when you have a bunch of tracks ready to be listened to? Let me try anyway ... Trestles' sound is a combination of vintage 80s synths, kick-ass percussion and just the right amount of chiptune. But, what sets Trestles apart is the melodies and without those, well, songs are not quite songs.

Let's start the musical journey into the world of Trestles with a song called "Blue Horns":


Can you hear those chiptune square waves in the mix? Wish it were a tad longer because the hook is off... the hook. Kinda reminds me of the "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" Ryuichi Sakamoto tune.

Let's continue with "Bobbit Drive":


A nice hook, an 80s synth patch and some powerful drumming make up this catchy tune. Killer track and the crowd seems to love it, eheh.

To finish things up, here's the video for a slower paced but highly melodic Trestles tune called "The Future Is At Hand":

They have many more tunes to listen to. So, for much more of Trestles, please check Trestles at Reverbnation.

You see, if you become a fan of Ugo Capeto at Reverbnation like Trestles, you might end up on this very blog (jk).


  1. This band is amazing!! when are they coming to the Mid-west?

  2. That's right. One day they're gonna be at the MTV awards and I hope they'll remember me.