Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ugo Capeto - Winze (melodic electronica)

"Winze" is a "melodic electronica" tune I made using a virtual instrument (VST) called Phenome, available at Prodyon. Phenome is a multi-timbral (8 channels) soundfont player. It's available free of charge from Prodyon along with a factory library of 132 Phenome presets (110 soundfonts).

The presets I have used are:
- CharlesTone,
- GXBassA,
- Beeper,
- StringsDeluxeB,
- Sundawn_pro,
- FDanceKitA,
- SteelDrum1, and
- divas.

As with SampleTank, you can use MIDI Out channels instead of multiple instances of Phenome. See FL Studio Tutorial: SampleTank and MIDI Out for more explainations on how to do that if needed. To have each instrument in Phenome go to a separate FX channel in FL Studio (this enables you to apply VST FX plugins to each instrument individually), you need to change the output (column "Multi") of each instrument from "Main" to "Out8" as, by default, they all go to "Main" aka "Out1". Also, you need to change the "Connections" in the "PROCESSING" tab of the wrapper settings: each instrument output (thanks to what you did prior, they are all different now) can be routed to the FX of your choice in FL Studio.

The bpm for the tune is officially 82 but it's more like 82/2=41. It's in the key of E major. The bass line is a rather minimalist endeavor as it's just E4 across the board. I think it sounds fine but what do I know?

Oh yeah, almost forgot, a winze is an opening in an underground mine that is sunk downward. If you google "random word generator", you can easily find the random word generator I use to name most of my tunes.

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