Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Transformer (melodic electronica)

This is a melodic electronica tune with quite a bit of Superwave P8 VST presets. You can get that fine soft synthesizer from the fine folks at SuperWave.

VST plugins used:
- Superwave P8 Pop Chords,
- Superwave P8 Hollow Pad,
- SampleTank "Start Synth",
- Superwave P8 SawZync,
- SampleTank "Heavy Metal",
- FPC (drums), and
- SampleTank "73EPiano".

For some reason, it seems there's always got to be some heavily distorted electric guitar in any of my tunes. SampleTank "Heavy Metal" is not the greatest but it's good enough for me. That track used to be called "Wampumpeag" but since, at one point, it got completely revised, it changed name and it's now known as "Transformer". I don't do much in terms of equalizing as I just turn on a VST plugin called Fruity Parametric EQ and call upon a preset that removes anything under 20 Hz and everything over 16 kHz. Pretty much the bare minimum.

BPM is officially 144 but it's really 72. The scale is G Major.

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