Friday, July 1, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Apperception (melodic electronica)

For this tune, which happens to be in F major and beating at 48, I wanted some classic synthesizers to lead the way (Moog, Korg, whatever). Since SampleTank 2 (the free edition) comes with the SampleMoog sound library, well, I guess I went with Moog.

VSTs used were:
- SampleTank Heavy Metal (electric guitar)
- SampleTank SampleMoog Bass Taurus
- Sample Tank SampleMoog ConcertMate MG-1 Start Synth
- SampleTank SampleMoog Memorymoog FacePad
- SampleTank SampleMoog Little Phatty Fatty Leaad
- SampleTank HPF Sweep Pad
- FPC (ambient groove)

It's the kind of music I like to make and listen to. I am hoping there's somebody out there that kinda likes that stuff too (leave a comment if you do).

Apperception, the title of the song, has to do with perception and consciousness.

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