Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Special (melodic electronica)

The instrument VST plugins used for this tune are:
- "Piano Toy" from DSK Darness Theory (ambient synth)
- "Synth Bass 01" from DSK BassZ
- FPC (Fruity Pad Controller)
- "A Piano" from DSK Darkness Theory (ambient synth)
- "Christmas Day" from DSK Darness Theory (ambient synth)

Not sure what happened but I didn't feel the need to add any FX plugins, not even a tiny bit of reverb.

The "Piano Toy" and "Synth Bass 01" presets were present early on in the conception of this tune. I had SampleTank loaded on 4 channels (as midi outs) but it really didn't sound right, no matter what I tried. So, I ditched SampleTank and loaded two more instances of DSK Darkness Theory, filled them with "A Piano" and "Christmas Day" bell-ish sounds. A bit tough on my laptop CPU but I am used to work with the audio cutting off when things get real busy. Really like those free VST plugin synthesizers from DSK Music.

Tune is in D major. BPM is 42 (that's gotta qualify for downtempo).

Check the Contact Ugo Capeto page to find me on twitter (feel free to follow me) and facebook (feel free to friend me). Of the two "evils", I prefer twitter. The big problem with facebook when you are a musician/band is that you end up with a musician/band page on top of your personal account and that's kinda weird.

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