Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Pulse (melodic electronica)

"Pulse" is my latest melodic electronica tune. The name was chosen for no real good reason, except that it's a Floyd 2-CD live album (the one that came with a blinking led although the one I have doesn't have it, a real bummer). It seems I am getting rather minimalist as I've only used 2 channels for this instrumental. Well, 3 if you count the drum channel which is there just to drown a not so smooth pattern transition. So yeah, only 2 channels for the instruments but each instrument is used polyphonically (and not just because of chords) within the channel, so there is definitely some layering in there. Anyways, I really like that "minimalist" setup.

The VST plugins that were used are:
- DSK Chaos Theory (Power keys 01),
- DSK Chaos Theory (Star Koto), and
- FPC for the drums (a couple of breakbeat loops).

The 2 DSK VST plugins come free of charge from DSK Music. Please check them out if you haven't already done so.

For my past 3 tracks, I have been using FL Studio 10. All my other tracks were made with FL Studio 9. The only reason I switched to FL Studio 10 is because of the wav rendering. With FL Studio 9, there used to be some kind of hiss when rendering. The other neat thing about FL studio 10 is that the mixer is track based rather than pattern based, in other words, you can put as many different patterns as you want on a single track.

If you're into melodic electronica music, please go check Ugo Capeto's Melodic Electronica Forum. Yeah, it's my (friendly) forum.

I am starting to think that the type of music I am getting into sounds a bit like the "zen and relaxation" CDs that you can find at Whole Foods, Target, or Kohl's. There's actually some really good instrumentals in those albums.

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