Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Convolution (melodic electronica)

For this track, I really wanted to put forward a nice bass guitar. I also really wanted to use a new VST plugin called "The Deputy", which you can get, free of charge, at full bucket music.

"Convolution" is a term frequently used in computer vision, a discipline I kinda like.

VST plugins used are:
- The Deputy Mark II (Poly: Chopper Synth)
- FPC (drums)
- SampleTank (Heavy Metal)
- SampleTank (Clean STR)
- The Deputy Mark II (Pad: Carrying No Cross)
- The Deputy Mark II (Pad: Phased Solina)

I've used the Clean STR from SampleTank as a bass guitar. BPM is 60. Key is G major. Wrote this little tune over the week-end. It usually takes me much longer to write a tune, but this time, I was kinda motivated to finish it as soon as possible.

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