Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Deep (melodic electronica)

VST plugins:
- SampleTank "Carlos" (electric guitar) + Fruity PanOMatic
- SampleTank "Beyond Voyage" (synth)
- SampleTank "73 EPiano" (electric piano) + Fruity Reeverb 2
- SampleTank "HQ Free Piano mkII" (grand piano) + Fruity Reeverb 2
- SampleTank "Cello 2 LP"
- SampleTank "Heavy Metal" (electric guitar)
- FPC (drums)

Tune is in C major. BPM is 40. Yeah, I know, it's slow.

The "Carlos" electric guitar chord "progression" (C4-A3) is repeated throughout the whole tune. Yeah, I am a minimalist and it has nothing to do with being lazy, I promise. To make it a tad interesting, the volume is modulated by a square wave for a tremolo effect. There's also a synth on top of it, courtesy of SampleTank's "Beyond Voyage".

I wanted the tune to be very heavy and quite melodramatic with the distorted electric guitar and the drumming that come and go. It's a long one, clocking at just above 5 minutes (at 40 bpm, it's not too hard to make tunes that go on for seemingly forever), but I think it's pure goodness. I think I should lay off the (distorted) electric guitar for my next masterpieces although I really like the coupling of a heavy electric guitar with pretty much anything else. Maybe, the next one will be chiptune, who knows?

If you like melodic electronica (who doesn't?), check out the melodic electronica forum and join (it's free) to promote your stuff, talk shop, and/or shoot the breeze using more than 140 characters at a time (unlike some places).

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