Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Solitude (melodic electronica)

Yeah, I have decided not to make videos for my tunes anymore, so, for this track and any that may come afterwards, it's just an embedded soundcloud player. Visualization videos are cool but I don't think there are too many people listening to chill, downtempo tunes on youtube. Well, at least, my chill, downtempo tunes.

Soundcloud is pretty cool although:
- there's definitely a limit on how many tunes you can upload,
- you can't replace an already uploaded tune without losing the comments (if you care about that), and
- you can't submit a tune to more than one group.
Of course, if you pay up, you can do whatever you want, eheh. As with all social music networks, don't be too alarmed if you don't get any plays/comments (why would you?) unless you participate in the social experience and comment on other people's tracks (fair enough, eheh). Personally, I don't mind one bit as I really like listening to other artists who, for the most part, happen to be very talented. It's a very humbling experience too.

I have also decided not to upload any more tunes to reverbnation. When you get used to soundcloud, reverbnation kinda loses any kind of appeal.

Anyways, started this tune 3-4 weeks ago but had to finish it in a hurry because ... I really have to work on my tax return now.

VST plugins used:
- SampleTank 2 "Beyond Voyage" (synth)
- SampleTank 2 "Fingered 2" (acoustic guitar)
- SampleTank 2 "HQ Free Piano mkII"
- SampleTank 2 "Carlos" (electric guitar) + Fruity PanOMatic
- SampleTank 2 "P Bass Fingered"
- SampleTank 2 "Clean STR" (electric guitar)
- SampleTank 2 "73 EPiano" (electric piano)
- SampleTank 2 "Ambient-Dub 2 120 bpm" (loops)
- FPC (drum loops)

BPM is 60. Key is G major. It is kind of a continuation of my previous track Deep which is heavily SampleTank based as well.

Very little drumming on this track and absolutely no reverb of any kind (no flanger nor phaser either). The only effect I've used is volume modulation on the Carlos electric guitar with Fruity PanOMatic. I don't use a MIDI keyboard, just the step sequencer's piano roll in FL Studio (which I think is great btw). Since I usually snap notes to the grid cells, every single note sounds like it has been quantized. I guess I could make it less mechanical but I'd rather focus on the melodies even if it lacks a more human feel. Same idea with note velocity and panning by the way. I guess I could work on that but I probably won't.

I really like that tune and I truly hope you're gonna like it too.

Don't forget to check out the melodic electronica forum and, if you like my music, Ugo Capeto on Bandcamp.

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