Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Floaters (melodic electronica)

VST instrument plugins:
- SampleTank2.x 73 EPiano
- SampleTank2.x Clean LP 1
- SampleTank2.x Carlos
- SampleTank2.x Alto Sax
- SampleTank2.x Start Synth
- SampleTank2.x HQ Free Piano mkII
- Fruity Pad Controller FPC
- Crystal AtmoEPiano
- Crystal "Phased to Meet You"

BPM=80. No FX plugins on this track at all. Started in D major and kinda finished in C major.

As you probably know by now, the DAW I use is FL Studio, mostly because of the step sequencer (piano roll) capabilities. The tune creation process usually goes as follows: 1) create melodic motifs using patterns and 2) arrange the patterns together so that it kinda makes sense (deleting, adding, changing stuff). The hard part is usually the latter. I really try not to repeat stuff too much but, sometimes, melodic motifs need to be repeated in order for them to stick.

Check out the melodic electronica forum and Ugo Capeto on Bandcamp.

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