Friday, May 25, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Chromios (melodic electronica)

This tune is a SampleTank and Phenome duo. Both of these (free) VST instruments are multitimbral, which is really good cpu and memory wise.

VST instrument plugins used:
- SampleTank "P Bass Fingered" + Fruity Squeeze (crusher),
- SampleTank "Carlos" (electric guitar) + Fruity Phaser,
- SampleTank "73 EPiano" + Fruity Reeverb,
- SampleTank "HPF Sweep Pad",
- Phenome SuperSawC + Fruity Phaser,
- Phenome RevBellX,
- Phenome FDanceKitB (drum kit)
- Phenome 7th-Lead2, and
- Phenome LeadMono.

The background "gurgling" that you hear at the beginning of the tune and to a lesser extent throughout the tune comes from the mp3 compression of the bitcrushed parts. The wav file and the higher kbps mp3 (192+) files don't have that problem. I rally need that heavy bitcrushed feel on the bass so can't really change it. It pisses me off, for sure. Even on Bandcamp where I uploaded the wav file, the stream has the same "gurgling". Don't know home much they (bandcamp) compress the wav in the streaming player, but it sure sounds like a 128 kbps mp3 file. Upon further investigation, it seems that both Bandcamp and Soundcloud stream at the same rate: 128 kbps.

Key is F sharp. BPM is 60.

Chromios is a Jupiter Trojan, in other words, a celestial object that shares the orbit of the planet Jupiter around the Sun.

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