Monday, May 28, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Midway (melodic electronica)

Made this over Memorial Day week-end. Usually takes me a lot longer to spit out a new tune, but a three-day week-end has helped tremendously.

VST instrument plugins:
- basic 64 "Glass Organ",
- basic 64 "Night Beach",
- SampleTank "Fingered 2" (bass),
- SampleTank "B-3 Organ",
- SampleTank "Double Bass w Slides",
- SampleTank "Start Synth" (Moog MG-1),
- SampleTank "Carlos" (electric guitar),
- SampleTank "Beyond Voyage" (synth), and
- SampleTank "Mystery Pad".

"Basic 64" is a VST soft synth that's inspired by the sounds of the Commodore 64. I am personally a big fan of the Commodore 64 (see C64 music and C64 games).

My initial goal was to make a 100% pure fakebit tune, but the "basic 64" sounds were not that great. Since I usually only consider the presets of a soft synth (for various reasons, including laziness and my lack of proficiency at sound synthesis), the tune came to a halt rather sooner than later. So, the always handy "plan B" came into action with SampleTank (the free version, of course). It should be noted that the sampled Moog Concertmate MG-1 "Start Synth" is very chiptune sounding (square wave) while the "basic 64" sounds I've used are not really that 8-bit sounding. Ironic, I guess.

Key is mostly D major (the beginning is off key). Bpm is 80.

If you make/like melodic electronica, don't forget to visit the friendly melodic electronica forum!

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