Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ugo Capeto - Blur (melodic instrumental)

Beginning with this track, I think am gonna go with shorter tracks, like under 3 minutes.

VST plugins used:
SampleTank 2.x "Something Wonderful",
SampleTank 2.x "Full Orchestra 1",
SampleTank 2.x "Fingered 2",
SampleTank 2.x "Studio Natural",
SampleTank 2.x "B-3 Organ",
SampleTank 2.x "73 EPiano",
SampleTank 2.x "GM Perc Map 3",
SampleTank 2.x "HQ Free Piano mkII,
DirectWave "MandoLynnn", and
Kairatune "Bleeperlead".

SampleTank and DirectWave are both samplers. Kairatune is a neat (free) VST instrument plugin which you can get free of charge from kairatune.

Tune is in G major. BPM is 60.

Feel free to comment about the track, my technique (or lack thereof), or anything else music related.

I maintain the friendly melodic music forum where you're welcome to talk about music of the melodic kind.

If you produce melody oriented music (of any genre), I've started melodic tracks, a blog where I review melody filled albums. You're very welcome to submit your music there.

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