Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ugo Capeto - Sakkara

This is "Sakkara", my first FL Studio - aka Fruity Loops - tune. Don't ask me about how the name relates to the tune because it really doesn't. I did use a random word generator and that's what came out, Sakkara, which is where the great pyramids are (Cairo, Egypt). I think that all my tunes will have single word titles from now on, randomly chosen or not. The tune has a little bit of a Far East influence in places.

Naming a song is something I am not good at, so it was either that or the familiar "Track X", where X is a number that goes from 1 to whatever (see the Home of the Korg DS-10). Since naming a song is apparently important, I went the random song title route since it's better than (almost) nothing. Anyways, I must not be the only one having a hard time with song naming since you can actually find random song title generators. Then again, you can find pretty much anything on the web.

The plugin I have used for the instruments is DirectWave, the FL Studio native sampler. The sampled instruments in this tune are of the freebie kind and were downloaded from within DirectWave (thanks FL Studio). The lead voice is FL chimes and then we have a flute, a Rhodes piano and a Wurlitzer organ.

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