Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ugo Capeto - Buzz (melodic electronica)

This tune was made with FL Studio 10 (first time I've used 10). With FL Studio 9, I've always had problems exporting to WAV as, for some reasons, there is always some high frequency artifacts showing up. The WAV rendering seems to be much better with FL Studio 10 but maybe I need to write many more tunes to be 100% sure. In all cases, it's a good reason to switch to FL Studio 10.

Let's go back to the tune now.

Virtual instruments (VST) used are:
- DSK AkoustiK (what's with the spelling?);
- SampleTank 2.x - Free 73 EPiano, Heavy Metal (electric guitar), Clean LP1 (electric guitar), Alto Sax;
- DSK Darkness - Theory Nexus trance, A piano;
- FPC (drums).

It's in the key of F major. BPM is 69. I've put some reverb on Nexus trance (don't recall why) and SampleTank (mainly because of the guitars). No filtering (low or high pass) has been used on any of the channels.

I think the piece is a tad minimalist, not by design, but more because of laziness and lack of know-how, talent, CPU power, whatever. The tune has no structure and it goes from lighthearted to heavy and vice versa in record time.

People often say to change the velocity of the notes to make the piece more "human". Well, I don't adhere to this nonsense and have all my notes at 100% velocity as I am really not trying to fool anybody. Yes, all my tunes are made with virtual instruments and I am certainly not gonna bother changing the velocities of my notes in a piano solo (I think I've done it once or twice though).

Yeah, if you want to share your tunes and your experiences using FL Studio, mixing, mastering, etc, stop by at the Melodic Electronica Forum.

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